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Don't Show Me Up

Inside perspective, philosophy and instruction from Major League Manager Terry Collins and Professional Umpire/Officiating Analyst Al Kaplon using REAL Footage with Real Situations for some REAL answers!
This unique video uses real baseball situations with the real time sounds of baseball and breaks it down from an umpire's perspective… and a manager/coach/players point of view.

Terry and AL review the REAL footage…Then discuss the common situations that come up in baseball everyday

  • Anger issues
  • Argument issues
  • Behavior Issues
  • Why does everyone get so mad?
These demonstrations & discussion, along with Terry & Al's insight, will prepare you to deal with the same situations WHEN THEY HAPPEN TO YOU!... and they WILL happen to you. Now you will know what it means to "Don'tShowMeUp"…
Price $29.95

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