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Handle It!

Rule 9.02 (a) of the official rule book states:
No player, manager, or coach shall object to any judgment decisions by the Umpire, but since we know that doesn't happen, you need to Handle It!
Al Kaplon and Terry Collins "Handle It!" features former major league manager Terry Collins & Officiating Analyst/Pro Umpire Al Kaplon.
Handle It!-A Guide To Handling Baseball Situations
Warning! This video is uncensored and contains adult language.
Lou Pavlovich, Jr., Editor/Collegiate Baseball "I highly recommend it. It was a wonderful 33 minutes of viewing."
Official Communications Ump Cam In Handle It!, Terry Collins and Al Kaplon review and discuss exclusive real game situations captured with live sound, then give guidelines on how to handle common situations in baseball.
This video contains real, live and uncensored game situation footage about:
  • The fans
  • Asking for help
  • The high emotion and intensity of baseball situations.
  • Discussion and Guidelines
  • Pop Quiz and more!
Handle It!-Ball & Strike Calls This one-of-a-kind uncensored video also reveals the unwritten rules of asking for help, changing calls, and automatic ejections!
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