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See A Balk, Call A Balk & Diamond Mechanics Tapes
reviewed by Wayne Kardel, Northpoint, FLA.

As a Baseball Umpire myself I find Al Kaplon's instructional videos to be of great quality and very informative. You get excellent instruction in the area of Baseball Umpire Mechanics and areas of responsibilities in the "60' Diamond Mechanics" video. Little League's Umpire in-Chief, Andy Konyar is excellent instructing how to officiate as an Umpire on the small baseball diamond. In the "90' Diamond Mechanics" video, Professional expert know as Mr. Video Ump. himself, Al Kaplon, does a superb job of explaining the role of the baseball Umpire on the big field.

In "See a Balk, Call a Balk," again Al Kaplon does a superb job showing all the legal and illegal moves of the pitcher when he takes to the mound. He even explains both the right handed and left handed pitching moves using a righty and lefty to demonstrate. Animation is also used in these videos to further cover all the areas. Much work has gone into these great tools of baseball and I strongly recommend these whether you be new at the profession or at it for years.

I know of no other instructional videos so complete and educational than Al Kaplon's fine productions. As a customer and fellow Umpire, I fully endorse Al's work. You'll not be disappointed.



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