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By Lou Pavlovich, Jr.
Editor/Collegiate Baseball
Friday, October 6, 2000 Edition
Reprinted with permission of the author

Rules For Idiots!
By S. Fisher
Instructional Video Catalog
Rules Made Easy - AKA Rules for Idiots
Reviewed by Umpire Wayne Kardel

Trouble understanding in detail "obstruction" or "interference" just to name a couple of rules in baseball? How about these and others explained in detail using animated maps and actual footage of such plays to help you? Once again Al Kaplon does a superb job of putting together a production of baseball rules that are "SIMPLY MADE EASY" for the Baseball Umpire that is just getting started in the profession and even for Players, Coaches and Managers alike.
A system of explaining these rules that was originally put together by the late Professional Baseball Umpire, Nick Bremigan whom, by the way, his story is explained briefly in the video as well. There is even a workbook available also to compliment this useful learning tool. This video is so well put together that after viewing it, you will have a thorough understanding of the rules that confront us in the game of baseball often, especially at the lower and amatuer levels, of this great sport of "America's Pastime" known as Baseball.
I know of no other video out there that does as good of or better job explainig Baseball Rules Made Easy. It is another very useful tool you will want to use over and over again and enjoy as I do.
Your friend and fellow Umpire,
Wayne Kardel

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