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See A Balk, Call A Balk

Finally It's Here!
A Full Length Video on
the Pitching Rule and Balks

The first instructional video for
coaches, pitchers, umpires & fans.
B. McLaren - NASO "This is one video that I could lend to the coach and would guarantee the coach would thank me afterwards...Consider this one compulsory!"
- The left handers' step
- the stop
- the jump move
- balk extras
- pitching extras and more

They're all covered in
"See A Balk, Call a Balk."
From the technical to the most common balks.

Featuring Former Milwaukee Brewers Pitching Coach Don Rowe and Professional Umpire Al Kaplon
Al Kaplon
See A Balk, Call A Balk
- Rule Explanation
- Balk demonstrations
- Slow motion action
- Live action enforcement
- Pro, NCAA & FED rule comparisons
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